Name Jelly Bean
Level 2~6
Boss Jelly King
Maps Adventurer's Plains
Introduction A mutant bean that likes jumping around.
Types Little Jellybean(lvl 2), Jelly Bean(lvl 5), Jelly Nut(lvl 5),
Royal Jellybean(lvl 4), Red Jellybean(lvl 6)
Name Choropy
Level 4~11
Boss N/A
Maps Adventurer's Plains
Introduction A type of newborn insect that has sleepy looking eyes.
Types Little Choropy(lvl 4), Choropy(lvl 6),
Mother Choropy(lvl10), Spotted Choropy(lvl11)
Name Honey Bee
Level 11~12
Boss N/A
Maps Zant, Valley of Luxem Tower, El Verloon Desert
Introduction They are spread out in large areas and are very
Types Needle Honey Bee(lvl 11), Honey Bee(lvl12)
Name Flanae
Level 7~21
Boss N/A
Maps Adventurer's Plains, Breezy Hills
Introduction A man-eating flower that does long range attacks.
Don’t be fooled by its beautiful looks from a distance.
Types Flanae(lvl 7), Elder Flanae(lvl 8), Red Flanae(lvl 16),
Old Flanae(lvl 18),Big Flanae(lvl 21)
Name Pumpkin
Level 9~14
Boss N/A
Maps Valley of Luxem Tower
Introduction A cursed pumpkin that jumps around.
Types Pumpkin(lvl 9), Big Pumpkin(lvl 10), Elder Pumpkin(lvl 13), Cowboy Pumpkin(lvl 14)
Name Pomic
Level 12~19
Boss N/A
Maps Breezy Hills, Valley of Luxem Tower
Introduction A diligent ant worker that has become
an excellent hunter.
Types Needle Pomic(lvl 12), Pomic(lvl 13), Red Pomic(lvl 15),
Pomic Soldier(lvl 17), Pomic Fighter(lvl 19)
Name Hornet
Level 15~18
Boss N/A
Maps Zant, El Verloon Desert
Introduction A kind of wasp that attacks passersby with
its poisonous stinger.
Types Needle Hornet(lvl 15), Hornet(lvl 18)
Name Woopy
Level 16~18
Boss Woopy King
Maps Zant
Introduction Although this monster looks very friendly with a smile
on its face, it’s actually very aggressive.
Types Woopy(lvl 16), Cook Woopy(lvl 17),
Gluttony Woopy (lvl 18)
Name Porkie
Level 19~35
Boss N/A
Maps Junon Polis, Anima Lake, Sage Forest
Introduction They are very greedy swine that pummel enemies with
their fists. Weaker than Grunters.
Types Little Porkie (lvl 19), Porkie(lvl 33),
Porkie Hooligan (lvl 35)
Name Beetle
Level 20~22
Boss N/A
Maps Breezy Hills
Introduction A beetle that has very good defense.
Types Beetle(lvl 20), Beetle Fighter(lvl 22), Scarab (lvl 35)
Name Dalping
Level 21~26
Boss N/A
Maps Breezy Hills
Introduction Although it moves slowly, it has good defense and does
long range attacks, so be careful of this monster.
Types Dalping(lvl 21), Ranger Dalping(lvl 22),
Hunter Dalping(lvl 24), Leader Dalping(lvl 26)
Name Rackie
Level 24~28
Boss N/A
Maps Breezy Hills, El Verloon Desert
Introduction An evil raccoon that uses weapons to attack passersby
and poisons adventurers with powerful, yet disturbing,
bursts of flatulence.
Types Vagabond Rackie(lvl 20), Honey Rackie(lvl 24),
Rackie Hooligan(lvl 26), Hunter Rackie(lvl 26),
Fighter Rackie(lvl 28)
Name Turtle
Level 27~29
Boss N/A
Maps El Verloon Desert
Introduction A mutant turtle that walks on two feet and has good
Types Turtle(lvl 27), Turtle Guard (lvl 29)