Located at the southern end of the Post Junon continent, these
plains were quiet and peaceful until the occurrence of the Devil
Pest Incident, in which large groups of monsters inexplicably
appeared and began to raid the Adventurer's Village.
The arrival of these monsters was accompanied by the appearance of a number of mysterious strangers that came to be known
as the Visitors.
Because of the influx of monsters and Visitors, the Adventurer's
Plains is now considered one of the most active places among
the seven planets.
Luxem Tower, which allows people to observe the other planets by tracing each planet's particular Mana Stream and recording these
traces on five crystals, is located in this dry, mountainous area.
The crystals used in the observatory in Luxem Tower operate
on magical, rather than scientific, principles.
Long ago, many windmills were built in the center of this windy
grassland to take advantage of this region's high speed, and the
resulting town came to be known as the Windmill Village.
However, the practical use of natural power has greatly diminished
after the Steam Shock, and the Windmill Village has experienced
a slow decline. Now, only a few people remain in this area.
Located in the mountains in the east of the Post Junon continent, Zant is considered an intermediate town between Junon Polis and
the Adventurer's Plains. As the Adventurer's Village grew more
active and populated due to the appearance of the Visitors, the
Akram Kingdom decided to build Zant in order to support the
adventurers moving between the Adventurer's Village and Junon Polis, and used great amounts of capital and manpower to make the
rough mountain area habitable (Hearts year 98).
Zant is now the second busiest town after Junon Polis.
Although there is a river and a few waterfalls, this area has been
inexplicably growing drier and drier, steadily becoming a deserted area full of dry, gravely sand. It is believed that in ancient times,
the Elveroon Desert was a sacred area as evidenced by the
existence of an ancient shrine and pyramid.
However, only the pyramid remains as an object of interest, and the shrine has been destroyed. It is suspected that the power of this
lost shrine is draining the area's water, even though
it no longer exists.
Anima Shrine can be found in the center of the shallow swamp
known as Anima Lake. There is not yet any documentation about
the Anima Shrine, but legends say that it was built in order to
purify monsters after the Devil Pest Incident.
Junon Polis is the capital of the Akram Kingdom . Every faction has
their headquarters in this city: the Righteous Crusaders, Junon
Order, Ferrell Merchant Guild and the Arumic. People can also
change their classes into advanced ones in Junon Polis.
Junon Polis also boasts the largest harbor on the planet. Ships
anchored in the harbor can take travelers to any destination on the Junon planet, and the giant flying vessel in the center of the city
can be used to fly out to the other planets.
The Sage forest is located on the eastern side of the Post Junon
continent and is home to the mysterious "Sage Tree".
It is rumored that the Sage Tree has existed long before recorded
history, and used to give its benevolent wisdom to the people.
However, it used most of its power during the Devil Pest Incident,
and has been in a deep slumber ever since. For now, the Sage Tree is inactive and completely motionless.
Kenji's Beach, located in the east of the Post Junon continent, is
famous for its Kenji Stone, a mysterious statue that seems been
made for shamanic purposes. The only documentation found about the Kenji Stone is a single sentence in the "Seven Hearts Saga,"
which simply states that a series of these statues have been spread around the world by their creators long ago.
Scholars have concluded that the Kenji Stone may be a statue of an ancient people that lived on Junon before the Post Junon continent was formed.
The Gorge of Desolation is a quiet, arid area located at the north
east of Post Junon continent. Wolverblique Mountain, the tallest
mountain on the continent, is found at the Northwestern part of
the gorge. Inside of this mountain is the Wolverblique Cave which
leads to the mountaintop, but it's currently sealed by a mysterious
power for now.