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Aside from hack and slash and daily challenges, quests are a good alternate to get items and experience. Some of them might reward you with unique items.

quest1 A quest is available, talk to NPC to get it started.

quest2 Ongoin quest, it will automaticly change once you can claim rewards or get a step further in ongoing quest.

quest3 A quest reward is available, talk to NPC to get it.

Some quests are trackable. If they are, "track quest" button will appear near their names in quest window.
For example, all daily challenges are trackable, usefull to keep and eye on if they are completed or not !


If you happen to have no more quests to complete, or wish to make your hack'n slash runs better exp/zuly wise, quest boards are made for you.

From level 1 to max available, you are able to take quests of different types, some are repeatable some are not.

Rewards for these quests include Experience, Zulie and other unique rewards only obtainable from these quests like titles, consumables, and little item mall coins.