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1. Account Maintenance

- Players understand that they must maintain their own accounts. You may waive your eligibility to support through negligence of your account.

- Players understand that they do not own the account or any in-game content. All accounts and in-game content remains property of Eternal iRose unless otherwise stated.

- Players must ensure that all of their account information is kept up-to-date at all times.

- Critical informations such as Account Name and Pasword shall not be communicated to any other player.

- Account issues must be reported within two weeks. If not, support might not be provided.

- Any problems that are the result of account sharing, playing in an Internet cafe, unauthorised access to your Email Address or other such actions are the sole responsibility of the account owner.

- If Eternal Guard is not enabled on your account, you wont be able to use ticket system or receive any support from staff if you encounter troubles with your account.

3. Email Address

We provide many layers of security for your Account, a Password and your Security Question & Answer. Many actions on the website require you to verify an action by clicking a link sent to your registered email address. The security of your Email Address is therefore critical and you should ensure that it is secure at all times.
We will not provide any support to you in any case where a problem has originated from a third-party user gaining access to your Email Address.

4. General Ill-mannered Activity Rules and Regulations

Whilst these should be followed by players at all times, it is ultimately up to the Staff to decide the outcome of each support case.

Offensive Language: Use of language found to be racial, religious, sexually explicit, threatening, defamatory, ethnic, or harmful used in any kind of hateful matter, no matter the language will warrant a warning or account suspension.

Kill-Stealing: Repeated kill-stealing will not be tolerated. Kill-stealing counts for all monster types except Bosses, Kings and Giants. Doing so will warrant a temporarily account suspension.

Wall Hacking: Wall hacking in a Party vs Party, Player vs Player or Clan vs Clan map will warrant a temporary account suspension.

General: Try or gaining advantage beyond the intended normal game play of existing feature in any way will result in an account suspension.

Bug Abuse: Abuse of a bug to benefit or gain advantage beyond the intended normal game play will result in a warning or account suspension. Depending on the seriousness of the abuse and exploit, the suspension may become permanent and an IP or Hardware ban from all services may follow.

Scamming: Scamming players, or having the intention of doing so, is not considered fair. Similarly, switching items which have similar icons, where the receiving player may not notice the switch, is also classed as scamming. Players proved to be doing this will receive a permanent account suspension. Furthermore, players being scammed due to going outside of the game mechanics (e.g. making multiple Zulie or Item trades to bypass any limits imposed) will not receive any refund for their loss.

Illegal Third-Party Program Use*: Use of any third party program to modify or effect the normal operation of the game client will result in the permanent account suspension.
* The use of AHK is allowed only for non-afk players. If a staff members comes to talk to you to verify if you are here, you have to anwser withing 1minute. If not, your account might be suspended.

Exploitation: Abuse of systems that modify or effect the normal operation of the game client will result in the permanent account suspension. This includes, but is not limited to, exploitation of quests or other systems.

Party Bridging: The abuse of Party Bridging in order to increase the experience beyond the server rates, will result in a warning or a temporary suspension. Depending on seriousness of the abuse the suspension may becomes permanent.

Real & Virtual Currency: Any attempts to trade in-game accounts, characters, items, zulie or other property of Eternal iRose for real currency or in-game accounts or characters for virtual currency, or across other online games, are strictly prohibited. Any attempts to do so will result in a permanent account suspension.

5. Respect

It is expected that players will show respect to all staff members at any time. Any disrespect shown towards any of these entities whilst in the game, on the community forums or other media (including Facebook, Twitter, Etc.) will result in a permanent account suspension and a Hardware ban from our services.


By your continuation of playing Eternal iRose, it is implied that you agree to our Terms of Service and any changes made to them without prior notice.

I have read and agree with the terms & conditions of Eternal iRose

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