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Game interface
General informations
Daily Challenge
Union Skills
Item Mall
General Informations

TAB : Toggle walk/run mode.

ALT+A : Character: Allows you to check basic informations sucg as faction, clan, title, redeem coupons, etc.

ALT+I : Item: Allow you to check items that you character possesses.

ALT+S : Skills: Allow you to check information of skills you have learned.

ALT+Q : Quest: Allow you to check the information of any ongoin quests.

ALT+C : Community: Allow you to manage your friends and start private chats .

ALT+N : Clan: Allow you to manage clan and use clan skills if available.

ALT+D : Daily challenge: Allow you to check your current available daily challenges and claim rewards when completed.

ALT+G : Dungeons: Allow you to browse existing dungeons/pvpgames, create or join an existing one.

ALT+U : Union skills: Allow you to browse your current available UnionSkills and equip/unequip it.

ALT+K : Item mall: Allow you to browse and purchase any available item mall items.

ALT+O : Option: Allow you to adjust video, audio and game options.

ALT+X : System: Allow you to switch to another character or exit game.

ALT+M : Enlarge/minimize/close mini-map.

ESC: Close all opened windows.

PrintScreen: Allow you to save in-game screenshots.


1. Move(Run/Walk)
2. Talk to NPCs
3. Attack (Select a target)
4. Pick up items

1. Camera angle
2. Player menu
Mouse Wheel

1. Zoom in/out


This is the overlay. It displays all kind of informations about your current character status and shortcuts.


(1):This is your character's name.

(2):This is your character current level.

(3):This is your character's USkill gauge. It progressly fills as you defeat monsters. Once full it allows you to unleash your currently equipped union skill.

(4):This is your character's health gauge. If it reaches 0 you die and lose little experience points.

(5):This is your character's mana gauge. If it reaches 0 you wont be abled to cast skills.

(6):Experience gauge: Fills up as you defeat monsters. Its appearance changes if you have double experience or no experience enabled.

(7):Currently equipped weapon(or ammo).

(8):This is your character stamina gauge. It fills on monster kills. Allows to use scrolls.

(9):Main menu button. Opens menu and automaticly closes after your choice.

(10):Takes a screenshot. (saved in ./Screenshots)

(11):Refresh button. Click it to refresh game in case of display error.


This is main menu. It will help you access any other sub menus.

Game chat

Top part will display various informations such as experience earned, quest rewards, guard status etc.

Bottom part is used for player communication.


There are 3 shortcut bars. You can shows up to 3 and change their display to vertical/horizontal in options menu.


Minimap will display current map name, coordinates aswell as all npcs nearby.


Main character window displays all your current character informations.
It also allows you to change title and increase stats if you have points available.


If you have joined any of 4 available unions available your current union and union points will be displayed here.


Your current dungeon experience aswell as your rank will be displayed here.
Dungeon changes reset each 24hours and increase depending on your dungeon rank.


From time to time, a coupon code is available for you to redeem.
If you do so, enter your code, press check coupon to see what you'll be rewarded and redeem it.



Main character window displays all your current character informations

Equipment subtab:
Equip/Unequip gears and weapons.

Consumable subtab:
Double click any item in this window to use it (pots,scrolls...).

Material subtab:
List all materials in your inventory. Mostly used for crafts, refining, etc.


All your PAT and monster mount equipments will be listed here.

You can manage them in this window, equip/unequip.


Costume tab will allow you to equip any item in your inventory tab as a costume.

It will replace your main equipped gears and weapons appearances.

SHIFT+LeftMouseButton to equip.



All your learnt skills will be displayed here.

Basic skills are action or motions skills. Most of them are learnt by default.

These are your offensive/supportive skills. Learnt with skillbooks depending on your job.

These are your job's passive skills. Most of them will give you stat bonuses and such.



All your current quests will be displayed here.

Quest info:
Display quest description and precious informations to complete your quest.

There are quests you can add/remove from your quest tracker.
Any tracked quest (max5) will be displayed under minimap on main screen.



It allows you to add/remove friends.

You can also start a private chat with any friends by double clicking their name on list.



Clan window allows you to see clan informations and manage them depending on your clan grade.

Clan Info:
General clan iformations. You can change logo from here.
new logo has to be .bmp format, and in client root folder.

Clan member list. You can manage your member ranks, and leave clan from this window.

All available clan skills will be listed there.
If it is an active skill, click on it to use it.

Clan master and deputy masters can write notices for every clan members.
Notices will be displayed at player login in system chat.

Daily Challenge


Each 24hours (GMT+1) your daily challenges will be reseted on all your characters.
You can manage them from here, see list and claim rewards when you have completed them.

Completing all 4 challenges will give you an extra reward, do it daily for good exp/zuly and even few item mall points!



Under construction

Union Skill

Union skills are an exclusive feature of eternal iROSE.

You can unleash these powerfull skills only under certain conditions:
- UGauge has to be full.
- Useable only during dungeons PvE.

How to use it ?:
Drag and drop your union skill from basic skill to any shortcut.
Cast it when UGauge is full to unleash incredible powers.

Casting your USkill while being in a party send a chain command to your linked partner job.
If you chose soldier as parter job, all soldier/knight/champion in your current party will receive chain signal.
If they successfully press indicated touch on screen, they will cast their own UnionSkill and make yourself cast a chained one.

Chain bonuses:
Each time a chain is completed, a skill damage bonus is granted to party. (max +100%)

Damage cap:
Union Skills are not bound to damage cap (2047). You can deal alot of damages with them, perfect to defeat strong bosses.

Video introduction/guide:

Item Mall

You can see all available item mall items and purchase them from this window.

You can see all available item mall items and purchase them from this window if you have enough mall points.

You can also sort items by categories depending on your needs.

Sometimes, items have a price reduction. Check for items with a yellow border with sales written on it and in side of window.



You can manage all game options from this window.

You can set your resolution, monitor refresh rate and anti aliasing to match best you needs.

Video - Window Type:
3 window types are available: Fullscree / Windowed mode / Borderless window mode

Background render: Will make your game keep running even if game window isn't selected.

Display effects: Show/Hide some effects (weather, etc.) usefull to increase performances in some conditions.

Quality: Highest to lowest depending on your needs.

Brightness: Defines how bright display will be.

Map distance: Defines how far game objects and players will be displayed at.


Define background music and sound effect volume here to what you prefer.

Sound type:
Change sound type to mono or stereo depending on your needs.

Notifications sound:
Enable/Disable sound notifications for listed events.


Skill Bar:
You can chose to enable extra skillsbars ( ALT and CTRL ).
And lock positions of skillbar shortcuts to their current position. If this is enabled you won't be able to move your skillbars around.

Attack Configuration:
Double click:
One click will select target, second click will attack it. This mode is advised for support or ranged classes.

Single click:
One click will select and attack target (monster of pvp mode).
In single click mode if you hold ctrl you wont auto attack target.

Name Display:
Chose to display player and npcs names on screen.


Chat Mode:
Normal chat mode:
Chat mode is always on.

Enter char mode:
You need to press enter to go in chat mode.

Requests Filter:
Chose if you want to receive requests.
Disabling one will automaticly ignore all requests.

Patreon shop
Crafting / Refining
Dungeon/PvP Games
Eternal Guard
Appearance Changer


There are many NPCs with whom you can trade.
They are usefull to sell unnecessary objects, or purchase all kind of stuffs like ammos, weapons, materials etc.

Unions shops are available at each unions and offer unique items you can purchase only with union points.


Select a player and use trade skill to start a trade with him or right click him and select trade.

All items that are not bound to account or character can be traded between players aswell as money.

Drag and drop any item to top list of trade window to insert any item(s) to trade. click on zuly icon in your inventory to add money to trade window.

Press ok, then exchange to complete trade.


You can start shop mode and turn your character into a shop to sell any item that has no restrictions to other players.
It is recommended to use personal store for selling items you might not want to sell to NPCs. Selling them to other players might be more interesting for both seller and vender.


Select 'Sale' tab and drag and drop any item(s) you want to buy in your inventory.


Select 'Buy' tab and drag and drop any item(s) in shop window to sell it to player.


If you want to add an item to your wish list (or buy list), do CTRL+LeftMouseButton on any item icon.
Then you can set price when you are in personal store mode and set price and quantity you wish to buy for each items individually.


If you can not let your game client running always to keep your personal store online, you can press offline vending button.

It will close your client and keep your personal store online and visible for all other players even if your computer is turned off.
Players will still be able to buy/sell to your store as if you were online.

Patreon Shop


Under construction



To drive carts and castle gears you will need a driving lisence you can get from Mildun in City of Junon Polis.
Learning to drive quest is available at level 50 for all characters.


Faster when travelling on land, designed to help you travel faster. You can also add a backseat and invite a friend to ride with you.


Castle gears are demolition machines built to crush your opponents. They are very slow but powerfull.


Monster mounts are designed for both transport and battle. Some will be able to battle with you and some will only help you travel faster.


There are different planets ingame that players can have access to.
Each planet has its own specificities and level range. This interplanetary transport will help you travel from planets to planets.
Here is a list of all NPCs available to transport you from planets to planets.

NPC Name
[Guide] Alphonso Junon City of Junon Polis
[Station Guide] Illiya Lunar Magic City of the Eucar
[Station Guide] ChaCha Eldeon Xita Refuge
Crafting / Refining

There are many ways to get items. You can buy them to NPCs, players or item mall, get them from monsters or craft them.
Crafting items will require player to gather all needed materials, Dealer job and its evolution Artisan are specialists in item crafting.
Crafted items are more likely to offer better stat bonuses than dropped items.


You can buy craft skills at every NPCs selling skills ( See list below ).
Once learned, crafting skills will appear in your active skill tab in skill menu (ALT+S).

Craftable item list will grow as your crafting skills increase. To increase them press green button next to it in skill list.

NPC Name
[Ferrell Guild Staff] Ulysses Junon Canyon City of Zant
[Mayor] Darren Junon City of Junon Polis
[Arumic Prophet] Olleck Basilasi Lunar Magic City of the Eucar


Select item type and item name from drop down lists at top.
Then drag and drop all listed required materials from your inventory to craft window.
br> Success rate and MP/Zuly cost will appear at bottom. Once you are ready you can click on start.


In case of success you will see a success animation over your character and a confirm window.
If craft fails, you will see a failure animation above your character and items might be consumed depending on wich step craft process failed.
If you need to craft many items as long as you have enough materials to craft them they will stay inside of craft window.

As your character evolves, you might feel an urge to get better weapons and gears to become stronger, refining will help you out !
Refining process is risky but worthy in the end as it mostly brings more benefits than risks.
It comes with a different shine effect for each grades, and different bonuses ( see list below ).

You will need various materials refining. Most important ones are chemicals as they will affect your success rate, so get best quality to have higher success rate.

Refinement Level
Chemical Materials
Refinement Materials
+1 3 5x Low Essence
+2 4 7x Essence
+3 5 9x Low Ether 1x Black Heart
+4 6 11x Ether 1x Green Heart
+5 7 13x High Ether 1x Blue Heart
+6 8 15x Elixir 2x Pink Hearts
+7 9 18x Hime 2x Red Hearts
+8 10 22x Low Enthiric 2x Golden Hearts
+9 12 25x Enthiric 3x White Hearts

To get started, find and speak to one of these npcs, they will allow you to refine/upgrade your items.


Now refine window is opened, you can start refining your items.


Drag and drop item you want to refine in top slot then required materials will appear.
Success percent aswell as cost will be shown at bottom of refining window.
Once you are ready you can click on start.


Refinement process will then begin.
In case of success you will see a success animation aswell as a success message box.
In case of failure, your item grade will decrease and in worst case will disappear.


You invite other players and create a party group with up to 10 members.
Above 7 party members, no members wil receive experience when hunting monsters.

You can invite any player that is in your level range (25 level difference max) by right clicking them and select 'party' or use party skill in basic skills window (ALT+S)


EXP division:
Equal share:
All party members will receive almost same ammount of experience.
Equal share mode is available only if difference between max/min party member level is < 25.

Distributed by level:
Higher level party members will get more experience.

Item earning priority:
Equal Loot Distribution:
First player to pikc up item will receive it.

Acquisition Order:
Loots will be distributed by order between party members no matter who picks it up.

HP Gauge (Members):
Chose if party members hp gauge should be displayed or not.

Teaming up in a party will help you defeat monster/bosses.
Experience earned will be lower than solo huting until your party level reaches max level (50).
Your party level will increase simply hunting monsters. And will be kept as long as at least 2 party members are online if you wish to keep your level 50 party.

Support classes (Muse/Cleric) have special buff skills that can be shared in parties.
Anyone in their party can benefit it even summons.

These buffs are strong defense-wise and will be of a good help during rough fights.

Dungeon/PvP Games


Under construction

Eternal Guard

Eternal Guard is an extra security for your account that will prevent anyone to log to your account without your authorization.
It is disabled by default, you have to enable it from your web account pannel.

If EternalGuard is disabled in your account and you encounter any troubles with it you wont be able to use ticket system nor receive support from staff.


To enable Eternal Guard, login your account on our website, then click your account name in menu.
Select guard tab, then enter your secret answer to complete guard activation.


There are different permission levels:

Full User can login, and perform all actions.

Limited User can log in but can not: Trade with NPC/Players, delete/create characters, use storage, do any clan actions, drop items. (default at first login after enabling guard)

Unauthorized User can not login at all. (default after 1st login after enabling guard)

After enabling guard, login your account and character to game.
Your computer will be added automaticly to list (Limited at first login) so you can set your rights.
Any other attempt to login to your account will be listed as unauthorized.

Giving one full access to your account mean they can do anything they wish to. Trust abuse will be heavily punished but we can not guarantee a 100% repair of damages that could have been caused.


Guard status will be displayed at each and every logins.

If you wish to edit any listed account permissions, simply select authorization type in drop-down list, enter your secret answer and you're done.


Clans, or guilds are a way to form social groups and gather players together for a better, funnier experience playing Eternal iROSE.
Membership in clans is made with invitations. Deputy master and master can invite you to their clan.
Once you have joined a clan you can use clan fields, clan skills and clan chat to discuss with any clan members anywhere.


Creating a clan is an easy process.
Find clan manager burtland in city of junon polis. You need to be at least level 30 and have 1.000.000 zulies to create your own clan.
In clan create window you can define your clan name, logo and slogan. If you feel like it you can make your own clan logo.

Each clan members have ranks from Master to red rookie. Each roles have their own permissions.
Maximum clan members increase with clan grades, you can find all details in table below.
To increase your clan grade every members can gather clan points in available clan fields. Each time a point is picket up by a member his total contribution for clan is updated. Easy to spot most valuable members!
Once you have enough points you can talk to Burtland to increase your clan grade.

Clan grade
Update cost
Clan points
Maximum members
Grade 1 1.000.000z ---
Grade 2 ---z 3.000 ---
Grade 3 ---z 5.000 ---
Grade 4 ---z --- ---

Junon clan field
Level 20 - 105
Speak to [Clan Owner] Burtland in City of Junon Polis.


Lunar clan field
Level 135 - 155
Speak to [Shamanist] Est in Crystal Snowfields.


Appearance Changer

When making your character, you can style it the way you want from available faces, haircuts and sex.
If you feel like changing the way you look later on you can use designer NPC in City of Junon Polis to change it again.


Any change will require a small fee, once you are satisfied with your new style click change appearance to confirm changes and enjoy your new looks!

Aside from hack and slash and daily challenges, quests are a good alternate to get items and experience. Some of them might reward you with unique items.

quest1 A quest is available, talk to NPC to get it started.

quest2 Ongoin quest, it will automaticly change once you can claim rewards or get a step further in ongoing quest.

quest3 A quest reward is available, talk to NPC to get it.

Some quests are trackable. If they are, "track quest" button will appear near their names in quest window.
For example, all daily challenges are trackable, usefull to keep and eye on if they are completed or not !


If you happen to have no more quests to complete, or wish to make your hack'n slash runs better exp/zuly wise, quest boards are made for you.

From level 1 to max available, you are able to take quests of different types, some are repeatable some are not.

Rewards for these quests include Experience, Zulie and other unique rewards only obtainable from these quests like titles, consumables, and little item mall coins.