Gods are generally believed to be perfect beings of flawless beauty and virtue. But in reality, Gods have feelings, and enjoy having various experiences. Like humans, they laugh, cry, feel anger, and love.
It was the through the love and imagination of the goddess Arua that the seven planets were created, but it is the jealousy and anger of the god Hebarn that threatens to consume the light of the seven planets with darkness.
Fortunately, Arua's lover, the god Junon, is aware of Hebarn's intent and is working to protect her from his evil. Therefore, he is deeply involved in events which will affect the human inhabitants of the seven planets. As the patron god of adventurers, Junon is also responsible for the appearance of heroes in times of crisis.
Throughout history, Heroes are recognized as people who have accomplished great achievements.
Generally, they tend to be people of strength and moral character. In R.O.S.E Online, heroes worship Junon, the patron god of adventure, and deliver his message to the earth by adventuring all around the 7 planets. Every faction keeps a historical record of the heroes affiliated with that faction, as well as mementos of their exploits. Users are able to check these histories once they join a faction.