The citizens of the Akram Kingdom were too busy recovering and rebuilding after the war with Ikaness to notice them at first, but the influx of strange people to the Adventurer's Plains eventually became a prominent issue. They seemingly came from nowhere, and had no idea of who they were or where they had come from. These strangers came to be known as the "Visitors.

After a heated debate among the factions of the Akram Kingdom, it was generously decided that the Visitors would be accepted as a part of the Akram Kingdom. Visitors would be given identification on an individual basis and provided jobs suited to their needs.

The Arumic organization is shrouded in mystery. Outsiders do not know its origins or even the name of its founder. The Arumic organization specializes in producing and selling magical products such as potions and magic books. As their unique magical products grew more popular, they began to compete with the Ferrell Guild, the merchant organization.

Based on the remarkable invention of the Mana Engine, the Ferrell Guild has developed a form of transportation known as the Cart. The creation of the Mana Engine has signaled a period of rapid scientific progress on the planet of Junon.

As people were exposed to the existence of the Castle Gears, they became frightened of their destructive power. In their terror, they began to believe that the Castle Gears were created by the gods to punish humans. Because of the widespread panic, the factions agreed upon restrictions for the use of the Castle Gears. Even the creators of the Castle Gears believed that too much power will do more harm than good.

As the competition between the factions began to threaten the welfare of the seven planets, the Akram Kingdom built an official battle arena for the factions to settle their frequent disputes through a series of fair fights.

Factions that were originally eternal rivals pooled their efforts to develop the Flying Vessel, the first form of transportation capable of flight. For the first time, people were now able to travel to the other planets. Since monsters had suddenly begun to spawn in Junon, many brave adventurers decided to explore the other worlds for a possible explanation for the appearance of these monsters.