[Update] Ver.370-Level cap increase ! 1/9/2017
[Update] Ver.367 Changelog 18/7/2017
[Update] Ver.345 Chanlog 2/6/2017
[Update] Ver.338 Changelog 3/5/2017
[Update] Ver.330 changelog 11/4/2017
[Update] Ver.325 Changelog 3/4/2017
[Update] Ver.320 Discover Mana Runes ! 27/2/2017
[Update] Ver.317 Changelog 21/2/2017
[Update] Ver.314 Changelog 31/1/2017
[Update] Ver.303 Changelog 4/1/2017
A giant warship, converted into space
traveling vessel, has become a transportation
running between the seven planets !.
A 4 wheeled vehicle serves as an important
transport means in R.O.S.E.
Castle Gear, a huge Robert designed
to destroy castle, has been
invented most recently in R.O.S.E history.
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